Our Work
Because Weddings begin before the Wedding

‘The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail’. That’s our credo at Golden Aisle. We make sure every little detail is picture perfect, no thread hanging off the backdrop or even a slightly droopy flower is overlooked. Every minute detail is sifted through with a fine tooth comb. Every wedding is the effort of a talented trained and dedicated team which conceptualizes, plans, designs and executes. Time and thought, along with extensive research, is given to hand crafted props, set designs, floral arrangements, fabrics and table decor. The latest in technology is used for sound and lighting effects. And that’s why we have a reputation that supersedes our contemporaries in wedding planning circles for bespoke, fully curated, choreographed ceremonies. No mass produced all-look-the-same, cost cutting measures for us. Each and every wedding is truly original and different from the previous. Always.

At Golden Aisle, we believe a wedding starts way before the wedding itself and by paying close attention to the client’s requirements we are able to visualize and bring a dream wedding into reality.

The Golden Aisle App
A place to plan and share all that’s important for your wedding day

Create a profile, invite guests, post pictures and add comments. Keep a tab on things to do and give details of the venue.

A single platform for all the details of your event, as much as you want to share. Forget about sending emails or creating Whatsapp groups. And the best part is you can save the data on a single file when it’s all done as a keep-sake. Download the app and start sharing.